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Focus with clogged ears, what can I do?
BeeAnnStarr posted:
My ears have been clogged for over two years now. I believe it it's due from allergies, but began from a cold. My ears did clear up shortly after I was over the cold. My ears begun to clog up again and I believe it is from allergies this time, as I have seasonal allergies and pet allergies. I got a "family dog" about half a year after my ears started clogging. After we got a dog my ears have never cleared up. I feel like I can't think or focus and it's driving me nuts. I am taking all the allergy medicines I can be taking.
Any good advice would be great, thank you...
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Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Your first and most important mission is to be properly diagnosed. Either start with a good ear exam by your primary care provider, or see an ENT. You may have eustachian tube issues that need more than just allergy medications.

You doctor can test you for some specific allergies (like dog dander) as a lab test (called a RAST test).