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I'm not a doctor but.....
An_248458 posted:
I tend to do this once every couple of years. My doctor tells me it's an infection and gives me an antibiotic. It clears up with the antibiotic in about a week or two. Warm tea helps soothe my sore throat, but drink plenty of water also. Hope this helps. Also still go to the doctor to be sure it isn't strep
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An_248458 responded:
Coughing up bloody mucus with a slight fever was what I was referring to
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to An_248458's response:
There can be many reasons for coughing up blood other than an infection, so I trust that your doctor has thoroughly examined you. The throat, nose, and respiratory track is rich in blood supply, so often, this is the source, but again, there can be other reasons. Make sure your doctor looks for them....