Drugs and reactions
ChicagoKim posted:
As long as we're on the subject of reactions that Dr.s say they have never seen problems with their large number of patients over the years, (no offence to you Dr. Moser), I seem to be in the 1% or in "rare cases". My reactions run from anaphylactic shock to grand mal seizures or "coding" from different factors.
Most Dr.s say my list of a large percentage of RX's must "just be allergies", meaning, just not feeling well. I assure them this is not the case, as most of my knowledge comes from countless trips to the ER by ambulance.
I now carry a copy of "The Pill Book" by Bantum, so when a Dr. ask me what side effects are, I have them highlighted, along with a copy of my RX's, contact info and DRUG REACTIONS DO NOT GIVE!!! in my wallet. One Dr. actually said, after he insisted I take a certain RX, to which I said I had "coded" on it, that "until you code on my watch, you will take it!" Obviously an EX Dr.
Unfortunately, you have to be your own advocate. Keep notes of every RX & reactions. Good luck and God bless.
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