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danieles84 posted:
Hi!Everything started in July with a feeling off balance at work!I went to mygeneral Gp.She said that i have mucus in my nose and infection in my ears,but the dizzy feeling was there.I went to Ent specialist- they did scopy and said that i have allergy.I did a blood allergy test and it said that i realy have allergy.I went to allergy doctor-tryin almost evrything(nasals sprays,steroids pils and antihistamins)but the presure in my ears was kiling me.I started allergy shots from 2 months.was fine for a while but after some kinde of virus before 3 weeks i started to feel worse off balance again.I cant work.I am feeling fullness and pressure in my right my allergy doctor`s office i saw Ent specialist.They did audio tests (was fine),they did Ct scan on my sinus was fine too , except showing little mucus in my nose.they said that i am fine and i need give time to go away.
but i cant stand it -dizzynes and off balance make me staying in my bed all day.I still feel the presure in my ear and thick mucus behind my nose and i can not take it out.I dont know what to do! i am thinking abot ETD but Ent doctor didnt said anything about that......
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Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
It could be more than ETD. The ENT would have diagnosed this condition during one of your examinations. It may be time for you to seek an opinion by a second ENT...two ENT heads are better than one when it comes to these challenging cases.