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eucalyptus oil
wanderlust posted:
eureka! first of all thank you for everyone for all the tips and suggestions. knowing that there are others who have experienced what i have is enormously comforting.
i have been suffering from all the symptoms listed here for at least 10 years, but have never gone online to figure it out. it's very interesting to me that the medical world doesn't seem to be able to offer anything of real value in terms of cause or relief.
i did go to my pcp once and happened to get a nurse who said that i have small eustacian tubes. she suggested claritin which i have taken daily which has helped both my allergies and the frequency of the ear pain. yesterday's pain was worse than usual which prompted me to go online and i found you! the massage helped tremendously but since i have been burning essential oils in the house recently i decided to massage with eucalyptus oil instead of cream. i was amazed that i could even massage it when i normally can't even touch it. it worked! after about 15 minutes i noticed the pain starting to go away. after about 1 1/2 hours my ear was actually cool! i couldn't believe it, because normally it feels like it's on fire and radiating heat outwards. i went to bed and only had minimal ear pain. i woke up with a hot ear but not painful and have reapplied the eucalyptus oil again and have confidence it will do the same as last night.
i hope this helps others. i bought the oil at whole foods.
my only connection that could have caused this was increased sugar and flour over the last few days (holiday cookies!) so i wonder if the extra sugar and flour had caused more inflammation somehow in my nasal passages and ear tubes. just a thought. i know all of you are always trying to figure out the cause, however, it's very sporadic and usually not related to anything obvious.
good luck to all and let me know if this helps you too.
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