VNG is Excruciatingly Painful
An_250160 posted:
I recently had a VNG test at a local neurology center. It was so painful that I could not make it through it, I had to beg them to stop.

The first two parts of the test were awkward and uncomfortable, but not painful. But the last part involved inserting something into my ear and blasting me with hot air. The pain was excruciating -- like a needle being plunged deep into the ear, and then unleashing air with the concentrated fury of a fire hose. I knew I was in trouble about fifteen seconds into it, by thirty seconds I was emitting loud expletives and by forty I had yelled for them to stop. The technicians inquired as to whether I was experiencing nausea, which I definitely was, but that was nothing in comparison with the intense pain of being stabbed deeply in the ear and blasted with incredibly forceful air.

I could not proceed with the rest of the test, and informed my doctor never again would I submit to a VNG. A day later, my ear is still killing me, I'm still queasy, and I'm not hearing all that well.

I've been reading online about VNGs and incredibly, there seem to be no warnings about the intense pain involved -- only about dizziness and nausea. I can't figure out whether the horrible intensity of the experience is being glossed over by the medical community or whether they just botched my case something awful. In any case, I want people considering a VNG to be informed of how horrendously painful it can be. It is not fun to have your ear stabbed and blasted with an intense air stream. And I cannot fathom how it can possibly be safe. In my opinion this is a procedure that the medical community needs to find a safe alternative to, and fast.
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