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No Vertigo
LuvCamping posted:
I have over 50% hearing loss, fullness and loud tinnitus in my right ear for the last 4 months. I've had a balance test which was normal and an MRI — (Followed to the Meniere's Disease Protocol as requested by the Doctor). The MRI showed bi-lateral excess of fluid in my inner ears which the doctors refer to as hydrops. My current diagnoses from the doctor, is that this is coming from a migraine gene (after hearing about my family history). They have put me on a diuretic and we are waiting to see if I get any relief. They mentioned one other medication they can try if this current diuretic doesn't work. The doctors were frank with me in saying they don't know my prognoses and they are trying to help me get better but there are no clear answers for this type of problem and everyone's results have been different. I see a lot of posts here of people with the same problem but no updates, no follow-up, does this mean that no one gets better from this problem? I was told to avoid stress, to exercise, eat well and get a lot of rest (which can be hard when there's so much noise in your head). On my own, I've decided to follow the "John of Ohio Meniere's Disease Regime" (you can google search to find it) I can at least say that the violent attacks of tinnitus have calmed. I still have highs and lows every day but at least the highs where my head is ringing/roaring so loud I can't take it have mellowed out. I started this "John of Ohio Regime" several weeks before taking the diuretic along with a low sodium diet, eliminated caffeine, chocolate, sugar and alcohol (which I rarely drink). I experienced a difference in the tinnitus so at least I know that this works for the tinnitus. I admit it still rings and some days are louder than others but the violent attacks are gone. This is a roller-coaster with highs and lows of hearing loss and tinnitus. It can make you feel isolated and alone because it's so difficult to hear. If anyone gets better by something they have done or found, please post it here so we may all find some kind of relief.
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