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Pre Cancerous Polyp
An_187346 posted:
I just had a colonoscopy recently and the Doc foound a Precancerous Serrated Adonmatous (sp) polyp that came back from the lab non-malignant. So he wants me to come nack next year and have another colonoscopy which is ok. My question here is do I have cancer in just the early stages or what?

No treatment was prescribed except for another colonoscopy in a year.
Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Anon_38391,

I am not a medical professional, but I do know that non-malignant means not cancerous so that is great! Saying this, polyps can be serious if not checked on regularly.

Here is an article that you should read on the Colorectal Polyps and Cancer. It will help you to understand more about polyps and the possibilities of Colorectal Cancer:


"Although most colorectal polyps never become cancer, virtually all colon and rectal cancers start from these benign growths.
Polyps and colon cancer develop when there are mutations or errors in the genetic code that controls the growth and repair of the cells lining the colon. People may inherit diseases in which the risk of colon polyps and cancer is very high."

Please ask your doctor any questions that you have and make sure that you keep up with your colonoscopies as directed. I hope that this information has helped.
Stay healthy and happy.
Best Wishes! Amelia
Hope Uronis, MD, MHS responded:
You ask very good questions. The biggest thing, as has been pointed out, is that the pathology is non-malignant. The main questions to ask your physician, if you have not already, would be whether he feels as though he got it all. Additionally, it might be worth asking if there was any dysplasia in the specimen. (Dysplasia just means that the cells look "funny" like they are changing in some way.) Asking these questions might allow you to have a bit more of a discussion with your physician so that you could feel better about the plan. Good luck.
Lylez replied to Amelia_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thank you Amelia, I appreciat the link to the article.
Lylez replied to Hope Uronis, MD, MHS's response:
Thank you Dr Uronis for your response. When my wife and I had a follow up appointment with the Doctor he came in the room smiling saying I was a lucky man. Meaning the polyp had been non-malignant and he was pretty sure that he burnt the rest and the area surrounding pretty deep to be sure he got the cells in case they were cancerous. Like I said before he is gong to schedule me for another one next year to be sure nothing new pops up and to check this last one again.
I did find the experience interesting as I was awake during the whole thing watching the monitor and saw the two polyps the same time the Doctor did. I didn't fall asleep until I got home.

Anyway, thanks again for being here and for takig the time to answering. Now to prepare for next year and another gallon of "salt water"
Amelia_WebMD_Staff replied to Lylez's response:
Yay LyleZ!!!!!

Congratulations on your wonderful news!

Thank you sooooo much for keeping the board up to date on your visit, it means a lot to us all.

Stay happy, healthy and go hug that sweet wife of yours!
Best Wishes! Amelia
Lylez replied to Amelia_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thanks Amelia

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