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    please help...please
    theloveofmylife posted:
    my husband is 39 1/2 years old and has just been diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer and he has 4 lesions on his liver (metastisized). his cancer is aggressive the doctors say. the was no warning signs just some rectal bleeding, colonoscopy, illestomy on 3/15/11 and pet scan stating it has spread.He is to start chemo monday3/28 to try to shrink this cancer.we need him so much we have 3 daughters together and will do anything to save him. His chemo is folfox and exbitux. please respond give us help..please...
    Waxstring; responded:
    Sorry to hear about your husband.
    I am a male that was diagnosed at age 48 with stage iv colon cancer. I had 5 lesions on my liver at the time of diagnosis. I had colon surgery followed by folfox Chemo, followed by liver surgery. What A year! I am happy to report that I am cancer free for two years after the diagnosis.
    Hang in there, I know it is confusing and scary stuff
    It can be done
    cjtigers responded:
    I am so sorry to hear of your husband's diagnosis. I can tell by your post that you're desperate for answers and some hope. I was diagnosed Jan of 2010 with stage 2 rectal cancer. I had the works: chemo, radiation, surgery which left me with a permanent colostomy and then more chemo, but here I am a year later in remission. I know your husband's cancer is a little more advanced than mine was, but never give up hope. It's amazing the strides they have made in cancer treatment. I hope he tolerates the chemo okay. It's no fun, but it's a necessary evil. Just be there for him and look after his best interests. Sometimes when you go through chemo it's hard to manage your own life. Good luck and keep posting.
    Bettymae58 responded:
    HI: Never give up. Support your husband in this journey and seek support yourself. My mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer in April of 2009. I have friends that are Colon and Rectal cancer free. A good resource is a new non-profit based outof VAthat I am part of called Check out our website and I will be in touch. Prayers to your family and there is support out there.

    theloveofmylife replied to Waxstring;'s response:
    I am happy to report that my husband is having liver surgury this Friday July 8, 2011 to remove the 4 lesions on his liver. He still has cancer in his rectum even though he had the large tumor removed back in March and he has the ileostomy. I believe in the near future he will have a permanent colostomy blut wont have answers on rectal cancer until after liver surgury. I am more positive now than i was. To look at my husband you would not even no that he is very ill he looks like he did before the whole nightmare began except his hair is much thinner. He received 4 and half treatments of the folfox, oxil, and avastan treatments and he said they was aweful. Currently the doctors are saying, surgury, pathology results,then tackle either chemo or more surgury. My husband is willing to do whatever to lput this terrible illness into remission for many decades. I hope the doctors remain positive and give us a better outcome for life than 14 months to 4 years. i give you lots of praises for being in remission and any more info you can give me will be appreciated.
    theloveofmylife replied to Bettymae58's response:
    how is your mom and friends today. i am more positive about my husbands future and our families future. i would like an info anyone can share on stage IV rectal cancer with mets to the liver. I research this all the time but i find i feel better talking with survivors and their families to get a better feel for this plus it helps my husband to. He says he is not been handed a death sentence but our original team of doctors said he would not survive long. I so want to visit them year after year and show them that with the right team of doctors, family and faith miracles hapeen each and every day. Once again thanks to all the survivors and families and supporters.
    cjtigers replied to theloveofmylife's response:
    I hope all went well with your husband's surgery. Hopefully he is out of the hospital by now, but I'm sure his recuperation will be a little uncomfortable to say the least. Both of you hang n there, it's amazing how the body is able to repair itself after surgery.
    theloveofmylife replied to cjtigers's response:
    My husband had his surgury but all did not go as planned. Instead to many numerous to count lesions have aggressively appeared on right lobe of liver so doctors only removed the two lesions on left side of liver. Was not told this till 1hr before surgury and of course i freaked out.Was told by team of doctors they needed these 2 lesions to determine with pathology if chemo was working, waited 7 long days to find out answer and 60% of cancer cells were dead, so today we had portal vein embolism to cut off the blood supple to right side of liver and hopefully in 4 weeks this side of liver will be removed and left side will have been growing at a speedy rate and no new lesions have grown on left side so he can have this major surgury. If new lesions on left then no surgury, so many prayers asked for Tom left side of liver to be healthy so we can keep going. I am trying to stay strong but every time i turn around something or someone is telling me that i should prepare myself and our daughters for his end, but i refuse, because to look at him, no one would no that he is sick, i am the one who looks sick, worn down, and depressed. I need this man in my life, and i am praying for a miracle, we need this miracle, and i pray he will be touched by all the prayers and beat this aggressive disease and kick its butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cjtigers replied to theloveofmylife's response:
    I am so sorry things didn't go as smoothly as we all hoped. But, the fight is not over. There are still things to be done so don't give up hope. Please be sure to take care of yourself too. Caregiving is a tough and stressful thing. If possible, you should look into joining a caregivers support group. I go to a cancer patients support group and they hold the caregivers meeting at the same time in a different room. I think it would be very comforting to you. You'll be in my prayers.

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