fancy1966 posted:
A little over a week ago all of a sudden I developed diarhea and some bleeding. I began using the restroom at least 5 times a day. Anything that I ate, went straight through me and I continued to bleed. A couple of days ago, I began to hurt in my back around my kidneys and now I have bad pain in my lower adominal are and I have terrible bloating. I still have the bleeding and the diarhea has pretty much subsided. I am developing slight anxiety, however, due to the unknown. I guess my question is, are these signs of colon cancer? I have made an appointment with the Dr, so I know that I will find out then. Just would like to know if anyone else has, or know someone who has, these symtoms.
Bettymae58 responded:
Fancy 1966,

Do not take no for answer if your doctor says you have hemrroids or a stomach flu. Go to a gastrointestinal doctor. I am part of an orgaization called Check out the website. My mom had the same symptoms, so please get checked. Demand a colonoscopy. I wish you well. Best of luck.

fancy1966 replied to Bettymae58's response:
Thank you so much. I did go to a gastrointestinal doctor last week after I posted this. I was very concerned, as well, and scheduled me a colonoscopy. I had that yesterday and the results were a couple of hemroids and diverticulitis. I am on several meds to try to keep me regular, but i am really hurting in both sides now. But, thankful that he saw no polyps. He was worried that he would see some. Thanks again.