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    Help! I think I may have colon cancer!
    Anon_235963 posted:
    I am 20 years old. (I know, too young for colon cancer) but I seem to have all the symptoms of colon cancer. I would say irritable bowel syndrome but I have lost about 20lbs without even trying! I've lost my appetite to eat more than usual. So in order for me to eat I have to smoke cannabis or else I won't have the appetite to eat and will feel like puking. Every morning I wake up feeling nauseous and sometimes throw up nasty bitter tasting liquids. I get constipated and diarrhea. Abdominal pain, fatigue, and my stools look very weird! Sometimes it's greenish blue, or red, sometimes I fart and then end up diarrhea and have strong power pushes of air and little chunks of stools come put. ( sorry I know it's very disgusting gross me put too!) The only pain releiver that helps with everything is cannabis but mu tolerance is high and dont hAve the right resources for medicinal cannabis due to the prohibition on marijuana. Ihope it is not colon cancer but I don't know what else it could be. The doctors at my clinic are idiots because they don't ever to tests on me from the past when I thought I caught rsv and the doctor just gave me a prescription for it. Didn't test if I really had it. I would like to know if anyone know if I could do a free testing somewhere? Money is an issue and I do not want to waste anymore money or time to doctors who prescribe medicine to me without doing proper tests.
    Luis718 responded:
    Yeah, the same thing is happening to my mom, she shows most of the symptopms, primarly abdominal discomfort and no stool, just blood. But don't expect anyone on WebMD to get back to you, I posted my case, well rather my mother's case a week ago. I though they were supposed to have experts on here, but I have yet to receive any expert opinions. Find another clinic or something, it is unusual that they don't do tests.
    strandcas replied to Luis718's response:
    Yeah WebMD can be very slow....but let's be here for eachother- I'm new here after a recent diagnosis and want to find people that have either had someone they loved, or themselves be diagnosed.
    Sosickme replied to Luis718's response:
    Did they ever figure out what was wrong with your mom?
    Sosickme replied to KathyTacka's response:
    Anon_235963 replied to KathyTacka's response:
    Just a FYI, I don't need an excuse to smoke pot. Even if I wasn't feeling this colon cancer symptoms like, I would still get medicated on cannabis ESP instead of pharmaceutical drugs. When a person get these so called "munchies" it helps a person eat. It's whether the person decides themselves to eat unhealthy vs healthy. Please do your research.
    Sosickme responded:
    Rick Simpsons hemp oil should help if you can get your hands on it. Hemp oil helps for cancer since smoking pot helps you to eat. Let me know how it goes!
    Anon_235963 replied to Anon_235963's response:
    I am a vegetarian as well. So it would be hard not to eat any soy!
    adhisstory replied to Anon_235963's response:
    Sorry I is another FYI, in 2008 over 90% of soybeans contained Monsanto's patented gene. Probably more now.These soybeans were developed to resist the application of ROUNDUP. It seems to me that because so much of our food supply contains a soybean and/or corn (another GMO) product, whether you are vegetarian or not, you are eating something that is very hard to a variety of sources. No wonder there are so many commercials for indigestion, heartburn or GERD and constipation. Whatever you want to call the disorder...IT IS MY PERSONAL OPINION that the FDA (Fool and Deceive Agency) is responsible for approving all kinds of ingredients in our food supply, medications, and even supplements that have contributed to the health care crisis. Then they want more money to do more research to fix the very ailments they could very well be contributing to. No one has reported this but the evidence seems clear to me by my personal application.
    adhisstory replied to adhisstory's response:
    I sincerely apologize to Anon_235963...I was just venting, I guess, because the FDA is not protecting us and many of "approved" food ingredients, binders and fillers in meds., can be carcinogenic due to the way they are manufactured. "Food, Inc." is a very informative movie that reports the fact that our food is being manufactured to last longer. It's well worth the purchase because there are an additional 40 min. of deleted scenes. I had been diagnosed with cancer 22 years ago and it was during the time of recovery that I learned about hidden sources of MSG and changed my way of eating. I feel their research and information has helped extend my life. See It has been my choice to cheat in the last few years and possibly resurrected some cancer cells...
    adhisstory replied to adhisstory's response:
    You might want to try a TBSP of backstrap molasses in some oatmeal in the morning or in a glass of water at night before you go to bed (FYI: I changed my name for personal reasons)

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