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    Hemeroids vs. rectal/anal cancer
    gramma77 posted:
    I am wondering, my husband has had rectal bleeding for almost three years now. He has assumed that it was hemeroids. Am really wondering why it would last so long. I finally got him to bring it up to his dr. the last visit. Reply was, well could be cancer but probably just hemeroids. And if it is cancer, the good part is, that type is really slow progressing. I'm really concerned about this. My sister in law died of colon cancer a few years back. Cancer runs very heavy in his family. Several siblings have died from it and his mother died from it.
    I'm wondering, are there any symptoms that could distinguish between the two maybe to put my mind at ease a little until I can find him a Dr. who will actually take this seriously. Thanks.
    By the way, he doesn't have the normal symptoms of hemeroids the itching and pain to sit. He also has a mucus discharge and can feel lumps inside "canal".
    Mavwife responded:
    I am a 29 yr old female with four kids. Since July 2011 about once a mth had heavy retal bleeding with lower right stomach pain. Colon cancer is in my family. I went to er Nov.2011 just to have the doc say I was looking for pills. Dec17 I went to my PCP crying bc it hurt to walk drive and even pick my kids up. With a rectal exam she seen no hemroids but did test a finger tip with of stool to confirm my bloody stool. I finally got a referral for a Colonoscopy dated Jan18,2012. Guess what; he removed a 1inch polyp out of my rectum at the spot before it connects to your large intestents. I'm am in so much pain right now but the good news is if it had cancer in it IT is already removed. Point of Story Go have a colonoscopy bc polyps cause pain and bloody stool and just plain bleeding from the rectum. Btw the 1st er said I wasn't the right age to have colon cancer. Guess I showed them. Good luck hope u go to the doc soon!
    Mavwife replied to Mavwife's response:
    Rectal bleeding not retal sorry lol
    gramma77 responded:
    I am also wondering if it were hemeroids, wouldn't they stop. This has been pretty much constant. I'm not sure how internal hemeroids work but external, he's had before and they were not constant. ????
    wandalein replied to gramma77's response:
    Please have the tests. My husband was told by his doctor and another doctor that he had a high up hemeroid, by the time he got examined by a specialist it was a "mass", he was told 1-1/2 weeks ago he has rectal cancer. Surgery is Friday. Do not waste time.
    gramma77 replied to wandalein's response:
    Will pray for your husband's surgery that all goes well. Thanks for the advice. That's pretty much what my husband's dr. told him. Didn't even suggest test. Even tho colon cancer is in his family. Many members of his family have died of cancer. I told him I would like for him to go to another dr.

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