46Hope posted:
Can anyone out there have heard what to do to prevent tumor marker to rise? After surgery mine went from .6 to 1 I will appreciate any insigth. Thank you.
SAKZN responded:

I am trying the natural way, so I am trying anti-oxidents/Omega 3's, Flaxeed/Linseed, Glutamine etc

Also look into Vitamin E & C seems to be some new findings.

I found research and reading up helps ..

smillsbc replied to SAKZN's response:
Look up on Youtube a man named Tavis Bradley. He has used tonics to help heal all kinds of cancer. His website is www.tavisbradley.org
CaBikerider replied to SAKZN's response:
This works for some but not all. I was detected with stage 3 colon cancer in late 2011. I had chemo and radiation early 2012 and it shrunk considerably. From then on, I refused surgery and went natural, no meat, processed foods, and the like. I did juicing, lots of anti-oxidants, and almost went vegan. What happened? It spread to the liver and now it's incurable. The good news is that I am reacting well to the chemo pills and my oncologist is fairly confident of controlling it.