My guts just don't work properly
An_252565 posted:
I'm 13 years post colon cancer surgery. I had additional surgery in 2010 to fix a tight kink I had in the small bowel. I just can't seem to regulate my bowels. I have "irregulatiry" issues more than anything. I just feel horrible after a few days of not being able to go. I take a pro-biotic and miralax - it'll work for a while and then stops.
Does anyone have any diet/solutions - something that has worked for them they would like to share?
bentexas responded:
Have you talked about this with your doctor and has he/she discussed a high fiber diet and/or Metamucil? Like you, I have had a problem getting regular, but it is additionally a problem with no longer having a rectum (which was removed and replaced with a portion of the colon). My body no longer gets the same signals which it
normally gets from an intact rectum. When I DO get a signal to go to the bathroom, there better not be anything between me and the bathroom.
It's not perfect, but - to me - it's better than sporting an ostomy bag.