Post rectal cancer surgery
Toriall posted:
2 weeks ago I underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in my rectum. The surgery went very well but now when I pass gas I keep having a small bowel movement at the same time. This is very embarrassing and just wondered if anyone else went through the same problem.
ike1954 responded:
I had a portion of my rectum removed and have had similar problems. I also had the experience of REALLY having to go NOW and then having such a small bowel movement that I was amazed. This happening very often thru the day. None of this is very conducive to a public job. I have been able to work by taking a couple of Imodium tablets on days I will be in the public view. Weekends I do not take any and that is the time to kinda empty out. The Imodium holds the gas ans movements way down and lets me out of the house a whole lot easier. No offense to those with ostomy bags but I figure the pills are a tad bit easier.

nanasgoingtobeatthis responded:
HI Toriall, Had my whole colon removed from cancer 5 weeks ago and am still doing the same thing. I have learned to realize that I'm never going to "just" pass gas. This whole bowel thing is so embarrassing, but better then cancer
sam1985 replied to nanasgoingtobeatthis's response:
If the cancer is found on the inside surface of the rectum and has not spread into the wall of the rectum, the cancer and a small amount of surrounding healthy tissue is removed.