colonoscopy protocol
morevigilant posted:
I am searching for a gastroenterologist who performs with the utmost care. It has been recommended that asking the following questions is can help.
• How many do you do per day?
• Do you always insert fully to the cecum?
• How much time do you spend removing the scope once it is fully inserted
• How often to you find polyps?
Most important. Do you record the procedure?

When I tried to get this information from several reputedly well respected gastroenterologists, I was told that I had to make and pay for an appt get this info.
This seems inefficient and unreasonable
Do you know how I could find doctors willing to answer these questions? I live in SF Bay area
georgiagail responded:
This site doesn't recommend physicians.

It would not be unreasonable that you would be expected to make an appointment and thus pay for a physicians time to have your questions answered.