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Need Support, Answers, Anything!!!
Marcel44 posted:
Had a miscarriage in Jan. 2010 have been trying to heal since that time. Things are better now, but I've started thinking about the miscarriage again and trying to make sense out of it.

I'm a 44 year old who is trying to conceive. At 42, surprisingly I found out that I was pregnant. When I went for the first vaginal ultrasound, the Dr. said that she saw what she thought was the beginning of the fetal pole & yolk sac, so she asked that I come back in 2 weeks. I did, and at that visit was able to see the baby and the heartbeat. The Dr. estimated me to be 6 weeks and 4 days. My progesterone was a little low, 10.68, so she prescribed progesterone suppositories for me to take day\night. She sent me on, asking that I make the next appointment in 5 weeks -- so I did. During those weeks all seemed well. It wasn't until 4-5 days prior to my appointment that I went to the bathroom, wiped and saw a little brown blood. So, I called the OBG\YN Nurse and she asked me how far along was I and I told her that I would be 12 weeks that coming Sunday and that I had an appointment on that following Monday. She told me not to worry because it's common at the stage in pregnancy to see a little spotting.

Well, Monday came, appointment day. We were supposed to hear the baby's heartbeat. She put the Doppler on my stomach, NOTHING. So we went into another room and done the vaginal ultrasound. She looked and looked; called in another Dr. they looked and looked but did NOT see the baby. The sac was there intact, appropriate size for the stage of pregnancy that I was (12 weeks), but still no baby...

I telling this story to see what others think may have happened to the baby. Couldn't have been Blighted Ovum, as we saw the baby and the heartbeat at 6 weeks and 4 days. I don't understand it, what happened to my baby? Can the baby eject from the SAC without me knowing???
dorissmythe responded:
A miscarriage is the loss of a pregnancy during the first 20 weeks. It is usually your body's way of ending a pregnancy that has had a bad start. The loss of a pregnancy can be very hard to accept. You may wonder why it happened or blame yourself. But a miscarriage is no one's fault, and you can't prevent it.
Miscarriages are very common. For women who already know they are pregnant, about 1 out of 6 have a miscarriage.1 It is also common for a woman to have a miscarriage before she even knows that she is pregnant so yes you could have lost it without knowing.I am 30 and a mother of 2 girls 11 and 3 years old i have had a total of 13 miscarriages two of them this year several of them i didn't even know about until i went to the emergencie room.I am very sorry for your loss and i wish you the best but don't give up i didn't it took me eight years and 10 miscarriages but in the end i had another beautiful baby girl.
jenkoelenko responded:
I'm so sorry for your loss, I had a Very similar experience 4 weeks ago. I'd had a little bit of brown bleeding here and there, so I went in to my doctor's for my first appointment a couple weeks early (6wks), and I heard my baby's heart and saw him on the ultrasound. Everything was fine. After a couple weeks with little/no more bleeding I went in for my regular appointment at 10wks and my doctor couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler. A little concerned, my doctor did a vaginal ultrasound. We found a 10 wk sac, and the fetal pole. That was it. No baby, no nothing. After almost 5 years of TTC, I was in denial of losing my first. The way my doctor explained what happened was that I had what is called a "missed miscarriage", that the mother cannot tell that its occured, and the baby is absorbed into the sac. Its heartbreaking, and I'm sorry, it sucks. Let me know if there are any other questions you have. hugs
Marcel44 replied to jenkoelenko's response:
Thank you so much for responding. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss as well. It is heartbreaking to say the least. I hope your feeling better and my prayers go out to you.

My Dr. did categorize it as a "missed miscarriage", but I just couldn't understand what happened to the baby. Ironically, about a month ago after posting this, I was explaining what had happened to a relative's girlfriend (she'd experienced miscarriage as well) and she informed me that the baby had absorbed. That she had a relative that was pregnant with twins and when she went back for another ultrasound that it was only 1 baby (the other had adsorbed). Wonder why the Dr. couldn't\didn't explain that, she just looked like she was puzzled when she saw no fetus???

Well, I'm still TTC and praying to God to please Bless me with a child. When I was pregnant, I was so happy and truly felt that I had a purpose in life -- looked forward to having a child of my own to love, someone that needed and depended on me...

Thanks again for your response and babydust to you as well. God Bless

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