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Is it ok to try right away after a miscarriage
choyera75 posted:
I just lost my baby at 17 weeks due to an uti. I am feeling very sad and emotional. My husband and I want to start again to try and conceive, but I am so scared. I dont understand why I had normal pregnancies before and this just doesnt make any sense. Does anyone have any advise as to when is a good time to start again. Does it every get better the pain of the loss.
eyeluvbn responded:
I have lost 2 pregnancies I have never had a successful one yet. This last one happened on Sept 19 2011 I was 17w3d. We don't know why just something very unexpected. I've been on fertility for over a year. The days are not getting any easier. There not really getting harder either we have a great support system lots of friends and family are there for us. They (the Dr.) told us to wait 3 months to start back on my fertility. They said I should give my uterus time to get back to original size and let my mind and body heal. I hope this helps if you want someone to talk to, I'm deffinitly here.
choyera75 replied to eyeluvbn's response:
Thanks that is helpful. I am just scared to try again because it was such a shock, I dont know if I could handle another one. I still very sad and my husband thinks I should be ok. It has only been 2 weeks. I am trying to get healthy and get myself ready. But at the sametime deep down I am terrified to get pregnant again. I was thinking of getting on the pill for a couple of months before trying again. I am sorry for you losses. You must be very strong to keep going. Thanks again for responding. It helps to hear other peoples stories it makes me feel like I am not so alone. Thanks again.

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