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not sure what to do....
livlost posted:
My husband and i have been trying for 2-3 yrs to get preganant. About two weeks before my last period i had very light spotting just one tiny spot and that was it. thinking i was starting my period i prepared. but my box of tampons sat on the shelf for four and a half weeks. So i began to beleive i was pregnant. Well two days ago i began getting horrible cramps in the morning and by the afternoon i was full blown period and then some. i was going through tampons like they were candy. and it wasn't just the waterfall coming out of me i had dime size red bloody chunks. not to get too gross. and terrible cramps a few even made me nausous.
Does this sound like a miscarraige to anyone? i never got to take the pregnancy test before my period started. Will it still read pregnant now if i was? i'm very confused as to what is happening.
vybe77 responded:
Hi liv, 1st of I wanted to say that there really is only 1 person that should be telling you what is happening to you and that is your family Dr. Of course people will tell you what they think happened but a full check up at your Drs office would offer you peace of mind..
It is possible that the 1st lonely spot of blood that you saw was implantation bleeding (from a starting pregnancy) and that would of been why you didnt get to use those tampons for those 4 weeks..unfortunately if that is what occurred then it also means that the blood and clots you passed probably were a m/c..
Again I stress that you should consult your Dr or Ob asap to get a medical diagnosis..
(((Hugs))) to you and I will be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers

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