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Nervously waiting for missed miscarriage to pass
J9812 posted:
My husband and I learned that our pregnancy stopped growing at 6 weeks. This week should have measured at 8 weeks, but doctor told us it looks like a miscarriage since there is no growth and no heartbeat. Needless to say, my husband and I were very saddened by the news. This was our first pregnancy and we were so excited to become parents. We were surprised to hear the news that the pregnancy stopped growing. I only had some minor spotting during bathroom visit over 2 weeks ago, but no pain so I did not think it was anything to be concerned about (this was before our first prenatal visit). Now we are waiting for the miscarriage to pass naturally since I chose not to schedule D&C. I am concerned about the physical pain and emotional when I finally do start bleeding. All I keep thinking about is "what do I do with the tissue when it comes, cause the thought of flushing it down the toilet makes me upset". But is this what I'm supposed to do? I assume yes, but am looking for some validation. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
RoseLynn02 responded:
I'm sure you already figured out what to do, but I just wanted to tell you your not alone. I'm sorry for your loss. I had a d&c when I lost mine at 8wks gestation when I was 17...Now 8yrs later I have 2 little girls. There is always hope.
cdesilva responded:
Hi, this sounds just like my story. I just found out yesterday that I was having a miscarrage and I think I passed it last night. I began to feel different and have spotting a couple days ago and I have been soooo sad. but then I have a peace also, Knowing that God will work all things out and chances are if this pregnancy had gone to term my baby may have lived a miserable or even short life with health or genetic issues. Have you guys decided if you will try again, soon? I wish you the best

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