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Not sure what to do... 4th m/c
erica0923 posted:
Hello! I'll attempt to make this short... I am starting my 4th miscarriage as of today. One at 5w3d in June, One at 5w5d in Aug., One at 5w6d in Sept, and now at 5w3d. I did all the testing after the 3rd and the only thing they found was low progesterone so I start the supplements right away this time. I really thought this was going to be the one, I didn't have any cramping like I did with all the other ones. I felt unusually good so I took another pregnancy test yesterday and the line was just a very faint shadow. I started spotting brown last night and it continued through today. I am assuming no cramping or red blood because of the progesterone. I'm calling my doctor in the morning to let them know. I just don't know where to go from here... I feel so lost and just devastated. I have no children yet and my husband and I want them sooo bad. I just feel like maybe this is never going to happen for me, and if it isn't I just want to know so I can stop putting myself through this. Anyone else out there with multiple m/c and no answers?
azalea06002 responded:
Hi Erica,

So sorry for your losses. I am going through the same thing. I had my fourth miscarriage 1-1/2 weeks ago (X-Mas weekend). My first miscarriage was Christmas one year ago at 5-1/2 (nearly 6 weeks). Second miscarriage was at 7-1/2 weeks in May 2010. Third miscarriage occured at 10-1/2 weeks in early October. Fourth miscarriage occured Christmas 2011 at 5 weeks, 2 days. Mentally, I've decided to frame the 4th miscarriage as a late period since I was only 8 days late (although blood work confirmed a pregnancy).

I really thought the 3rd pregancy would keep. I had terrible morning sickness. I requested chromosomal testing, however, the hospital "screwed-up" and failed to do it. This upsets me beyond words.

I went for an evaluation after the 2nd miscarriage. They found nothing wrong with me and are blaming it on advanced maternal age. (I turned 45 in December.) I am going back for another appointment later this month.

I have had no difficulty getting pregnant. Statistically speaking, at my age, I should have only a 2% chance of getting pregnant and then if I do conceive, the miscarriage rate is 50%. I seem to defy the statistics and this is frustrating.

My current train of thought is, as long as I can get pregnant, I am going to keep on trying. I got married late (age 43) and have no children. I have always wanted to have children but didn't meet the right guy until later in life.

May I ask how old you are?

I have been going for weekly acupuncture for the past four months. Don't know if it helps, but the acupuncturist (who specializes in acupuncture for fertility) is wonderful and she is serving almost as a therapist. I am considering trying a gluten free diet. I have no reason to suspect that I am gluten sensitive... however, some people believe that gluten intolerance can cause recurrent miscarriage.

Recurrent miscarriage is so sad and frustrating. I've been trying to keep my chin up... but it has been difficult. I've been feeling particularly down lately.

Good luck to you!

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