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tikalyn posted:
Hi, my name is martika, i have a 15 month old son, i got married may 2011 since then i have had 2 miscarrages, the first was 2 days after my wedding, i was 9 weeks pregnant, the next was oct 3rd a few das before my sons birthday, i was 8 weeks pregnant. i suffer from depression, and its getting worse, on xmas eve, i held one of my hubands baby cousins, he was 5 months and 11 lbs, i started bawling, i hope im not going to be lie this for ever *RIP MOMMYS ANGELS*
An_240941 responded:
I'm sorry for your losses. All I can say is just hold your son tight & be thankful for him & remember that all things happen for a reason & when the time is right will birth another child. I lost a baby almost 9yrs ago now but now I'm married & I have 2 beautiful little girls. Have you considered getting counseling or going to a support group for you depression? Are you on or have you considered anti-depressants? My sister has natural occuring scar tissue lining her uteri. She had 9 m/c's(or more) between her 2 sons who are 7yrs apart. My sister-in-law is double uterio & was never suppose to be bale to conceive. she got pregnant with twins, one in each uteri, one survived & the other did not, but she had to carry the deceased child to term for the other to survive & had to have both the living & the dead child cut from her body & with her the same occurred... 7yrs later she birthed another son. In time you will have another child... just remember these true stories & how they show things happen for a reason, when it's the right time it will happen. Much love tikalyn, much love.

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