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Too many questions....need help with finding answers
jent82 posted:
About 6 weeks ago, I went into early labor (at 24 weeks) and my baby girl is now in heaven. I had what I know now to be back labor for the majority of the day. I started bleeding around 6 45 that evening and was taken to the hospital. Grace was born at 7 54 and died about 10 that night. My doctor has said that it was due to cervical incompetence.
Since then, I have kept it togther pretty well considering, but this past week seem to have entered the grieving stage. I cry at the most inconvienient times and have many questions running thorugh my mind.
I would appreciate any answers and advice to the following questions:
Has anyone ever has a cerclage, If so, what was your recovery time, and how was the rest of your pregnancy after you got it put in?

What is the best way to get past the grieving stage? How long might it take?

I was advised to take the pill for a few months. How long might it take to get pregnant again after I stop? (I had no trouble the first time- it happened the first month i really tried)
An_240941 responded:
I don't know anything about a cerclage, but I would say try Google-ing it. The best way to go through the grieving stage is different for everyone, especially since all our situations vary some. My best advice is just take it one day at a time, don't hide your emotions & allow yourself to feel whatever it is you feel. If you get too depressed seek help. Don't let ANYONE act like you don't have a reason to be hurt or depressed or downgrade your emotional status (or act like angry or frustrated like it's stupid or ridiculous...even if it's been a yr or more & you still hurt). You have every right to your emotions.

The pill can be useful for more than just birth control (like controlling bleeding, weight gain, emotions,ect.). I wouldn't look at it as a negative necessarily, as long as you know why your dr. wants you to go on it & it makes sense to you. You can get pregnant as soon as you stop taking your birth control.

I hope that helps....I'm so sorry for your loss...Sorry I couldn't help with the other ?'s.

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