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unsure in pinehurst
An_243448 posted:
am 27 year old female married with three boys. my husband have been trying to have a little girl for almost four years. after my youngest son was born i suffered a horrible miscarrage which almost took my life aas well. after three years of trying a year ago we got pregnant. a couple days after i got a positive home test i began to bleed and went to the er i was having a miscarrage and there wasn't anything the hospital said they could do about it. well about six months past by and i got pregnant again this time it was same as last a few days after i found out i lost the baby again. this has been four months ago. the last 2 miscarrages have had seemingly no affect on my husband but it has taking its toll on me greatly after the first one i lost my interest in sex, after the second i seem to have a chip on my shoulder and always ill if that makes any sence i dnt if its a chemical inbalance with my hormones or just depresion that i seem to be sinking in to concidering also during this years time i have lost my grandmother, my grandfather, and my mother. now i think i might be again not sure yet way to early to tell but i've noticed the pastt few days i've not felt normal its hard to remember things that use to be no problem like appointments and other important dates in my life i seem to always feel queesy and i'm urinating every 10 mins. i just dnt know what to do. if i am i can't handle another loss and if i actually did carry full term this time and the baby is healthy i'm not sure if the timing is good, i mean we just purchased a home and now im responsible for my father since my mother's death he can't live alone due to a brain stroke he suffered 4 years ago i just don't what to do.
alaska_mommy responded:
I'm sorry so much loss has come your way recently. Have you considered counseling or talking to your doctor about this? If you are suffering from depression there are some antidepressants that are considered relatively safe during pregnancy. I would say counseling would be a big one to help you through this difficult time, if you can afford it. I just had my first miscarriage and I will be doing counseling starting this Monday.
As far as what to do, not much you can do right now except wait and see, the waiting must be horrible though. I can't imagine what you must be feeling right now. Try to cut yourself some slack though and don't blame yourself if you're having conflicting feelings about this possible pregnancy.
Take it easy~take care.

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