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    Losing #3
    LoriL28 posted:
    My HCG levels are rising very slowly so the dr said he thinks I may have an ectopic pregnancy or Im having an impending m/c. With my other 2 loses 1 was a m/c and 1 a chemical and with those pregnancies I had spotting and cramping with this one I don't. It is so hard to just sit around and wait for something to happen especially when it doesnt even feel like anything is wrong. I have a 2 year old son Jacob. I also have PCOS so it is very challenging for me to even get pregnant. I have to use Clomid. My other 2 loses didn't effect me like this one. With the other 2 I knew something wasnt right with this one I had no idea. Im so depressed need words of encouragement please. Im not sure if I want to go through another round of Clomid or just give up...
    ssj_1_1999 responded:
    Hi Lori28, I am so sorry for all of your losses. I too am in the exact same shoes as you. We just had our third loss, twins, blighted ovum. Numbers kept rising, but now babies just their homes I am so lost and hurt right now. All of our losses were very hard on us. Thankfully we also have an blessed angel at home 16 months old. She is what keeps us going. I too have pcos so I understand the getting pregnant. One thing that helped me was loosing weight. I think that is why I finally got pregnant the last 3 times. As for me, I am struggling with getting a tubal, as I can not go through another loss. My husband on the other hand wants to continue to try. I just want to enjoy our precious little one at home and be happy. I will be praying for you. One other thing that helped us tremendously was a support group. We attended SHARE for over a year, made many new friends that helped us with the grief journey. Best wishes.
    vybe77 replied to ssj_1_1999's response:
    Hello ladies, I am so sorry for your losses..I am in the same situation right now..DF and I would just like to have one more BB but fate seems to have different ideas for us because we have been trying for a little while and so far we have not succeeded in giving birth..we have our DS who is 3, and we also share the responsibilities of a his and hers family (he has one DD and I have one also and another DS from previous relationships)..altogether that is 4 kids but another LO would be such a blessing..
    Last summer I m/c at 6 weeks along after getting a surprise BFP...
    I am now also m/c (was again 6 weeks) and this time we had used OPKs for the first time (this Jan.)
    I am feeling so bummed about losing another pregnancy..I know I have already been blessed so many times on this subject but I feel like I just am having no luck lately
    I am also thinking that we should just count the blessings we do have and stop trying but DF wants us to at least see a specialist..I am not sure so we are discussing what to do.. what will you ladies be doing?
    mlk240 replied to vybe77's response:
    I also have had 3 losses, and suffer from PCOS. Getting pregnant has been easy once I lost 20lbs, but staying pregnant has been difficult. My OB did a couple of things for me that really helped me out. The first, was that he put me on glucophage/metformin to help lower my blood sugars. One of the side effects of this medicine is weight loss. I honestly didn't change my diet or exercise, and that is how I lost the 20lbs. My weight loss was truly being hindered by hormone levels. The other thing that he did for us was to have me take a pregnancy test on day 30 of every cycle. If I had a positive test, I was to start progesterone supplements until he could get me into the office for a check-up and blood work. He gave me free samples to just keep at home. He said that with PCOS, your hormone levels aren't what a normal woman's would be, and that can be a huge factor in maintaining a pregnancy. By controlling the insulin and using the progesterone, we were able to get pregnant with DS #2, and everything is still going well. I am almost 34 weeks along now, and because of my previous losses, I am almost paralyzed about buying stuff to get ready for him because I think to myself that something could still go wrong. I am still struggling to overcome these thoughts. As far as whether or not to keep trying, that is a personal choice. I just knew in my heart that I would regret not trying and trying again because I would always wonder if a second child was possible. Not that I love DS #1 any less, but I always wanted at least 2, possibly 3 children. I feel like I could stop with two and be content, but I am also open to trying again for #3. So to wrap up my mini-novel here, give yourself time to heal and grieve your losses, but also really think about being willing to try again, and take the risk of another loss.You could end up with another broken heart, or the best reward life has to offer. Only you know what you handle in terms of the risk.

    Good luck!

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