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Carameltone posted:
I just found out last week that I was 6 weeks pregnant. and all at once had a miscarrige. I try not to think about it, because I just got married and it would of been our first child. I would like to try again but I am scared because i read that it could happen again. I feel likeits all my fault maybe if I would of taken better care of myself....
An_240941 responded:
I'm sure it's not your fault. These things happen. I only had 1 loss, but now I have 2daughters. Yes you can have multiple m/cs, but you wont know what's to happen until you try again. I'm sorry for you loss & I wish you the best of luck next time (if you decide to try again that is).
Carameltone replied to An_240941's response:
Thank you it makes me feel better to hear from someone else. I know hat you are right I just have to dust myself off and get back on that again thank you.
jenkoelenko replied to Carameltone's response:
its true that it can happen again, but its also possible that your next pregnancy will be successfull It is NOT your fault. Don't feel bad (easier said than done, believe me I know). Please know (and remember!) that you gave that baby the best life it could EVER have! You loved that baby. As far as trying again, you can't let fear of the unknown keep you from living. don't live in fear, otherwise you're not only keeping yourself from grief, but you're also robbing yourself of a chance for happiness. Best of luck with whatever you decide!
An_240941 replied to Carameltone's response:
Well I'm glad that made you feel better, but it's true. It's unlikely that you did anything to cause this & you shouldn't blame yourself. I hope you decide to try again when you are fully ready. Let yourself get past this grief first, but don't let fear drive your life. You never know what will happen till you try.

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