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TRIGS! So confused?! Apo 2 other boards...
Laur1981 posted:
havent been on here in a while. So. some background. DD 2003. molar pregnancy 2005. DS 2007. 14 wk miscarriage 2008. Recently found out DH and I are pregnant with baby #3. LMP 2-10-12. Took SEVEN HPT. first 3 had the "lines." DH said he couldnt see them and that I was seeing what I wanted to see. Bought a digital. Said PREGNANT. went to DR today, his test said NEGATIVE. but went for blood test to confirm levels. Came RIGHT HOME, dropped a sample in a cup. Did another DIGITAL test, said PREGNANT. did a line test using same sample. said NEGATIVE. Now slightly spotting only when I wipe. Blood test could come back tomorrow or monday. what a wait. I guess I am prepping for a m/c but... doc wont see me until blood test comes back
vybe77 responded:
Hi there..first thing I wanted to say is so sorry for what you are going through..I know exactly how you feel cause the same thing happened to me in 2010..I was way late on my cycle (I think I was on CD 36 when I started to test..3 HPTs (First response) were positive, DF saw them too..bought a digital to know how far along I was and it said not some more First response and again they were positive and when I did another digital it was again I went in to a clinic and they did blood work but on the day I was there (at the clinic) I started to spot..a few days later I got the results back from the clinic my HCG was slightly elevated (so it was a positive) but the levels were so low that they did not correspond with the amount of weeks I should have been so they said it was most likely a m/c starting..I never m/c as is usual (clots and heavy bleeding) but AF was quite heavy that time so I guess I had conceived but not much had happened after..
Again I am so sorry you are going through this and I hope that your results from the Dr. will be positive..
Keep us posted..

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