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Miscarriage after Infertility?
jossanasmomma posted:
Hi, ladies. I am writing because I m/c after infertility treatments and I have days that I really feel lost, especially now that we're going through IVF again. I am so angry and so confused about why this happened to us.

Any thoughts about how you coped with this (or just your story) would be appreciated. Thanks
livelaughmoe responded:
I know how your feeling, I myself have had one chemical pregnancy, and how a potential miscarriage. We had a slow heartbeat, and find out next week for sure.

I feel so alone, like I'm a different person. I used to be fun, outgoing, chatty. Now I skip events, don't call anyone back, cranky. I feel like a lot of mu friends have abandoned me. My husband is my rock and my best friend, but even he needs a break.

I often get on my pity pot, but then I think this isnt really helping me. I just want to have a baby, stop pissing all my money away on these fertility treatments, stop with roller coaster emotions and live a normal life again. or will it ever be normal again?
nicram8683 responded:
Hello! Sorry to hear of your previous loss. My husband and I tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant for about 2 years then we were referred to an RE. We began fertility treatments as well, and 3 months in were pregnant. After 3 good blood draws, the HCG began to drop and I had a natural miscarriage at around 6 weeks. I was very upset because we had waited soooooo long to get pregnant, and we only had male factor issues, so why did this baby not stick? Luckily for us, our RE was very good and kept us positive, and (TRIGS) we got pregnant again right away. I wish you the best with this next round of IVF and hope you continue to stay positive.
livelaughmoe responded:
How are you doing? Any feedback on how to get through m/c? We just found out today that there was not a heartbeat at 8 weeks. How long did it take for AF to come, I'm anxious, but having patience, to start another cycle of treatments.

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