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    Miscarriage and disrespectful staff
    An_246784 posted:
    I recently went through a miscarriage. It was my first pregnancy. Well, I had asked what will I end up going through and none of the medical office could tell me. I went through the worst horrible pain for almost 5 days! I had called my OB/GYN everyday telling them how much pain I was in and what was going on. All I was told was,"I'm sorry but there isn't anything we can do for you. Just take over the counter pain medication." I had explained to them that NOTHING was working. They didn't even bother to "try" to help me. I was later informed that I never told them how much pain I was in. Really??? I don't like to take medication as it is...but the pain was unbearable. Is it normal for them not to schedule a check up to see if everthing is ok? They haven't even bothered to do that. I was also informed that all of my other appointments have been cancelled. I ended up getting a reminder of my ultrasound appointment. I was going through enough pain and I didn't need that reminder. Anyone else out there go through something similar? This has been a horrible experience and wouldn't wish it on anyone. Just want this pain to end.
    babyj1017 responded:
    I am very sorry for your loss. I would suggest you find a new OB, yours sound pretty crappy. I did not have unbearable pain when I went through my miscarriage in June, but I can say with absolutely certainty that had I called my OB with horrible pain, he would have prescribed something for me. I had bloodwork drawn every 5 days or so to watch my betas and make sure they were decreasing. I had a follow up appointment about a week after the m/c was over for an ultrasound to make sure all the tissues had passed and talk about next steps and trying again. I also have another follow up appointment the 14th of this month.

    Hugs to you!!
    An_246784 replied to babyj1017's response:
    Thank you. I have found a new OB/GYN. I am done with the old place. They haven't bothered to schedule anything for me even after they told me what my levels were. All she said to me on the phone after she told me I didn't need to get my bloodwork done anymore was if I had any questions to feel free to call them up. Nope...I'm done. They really haven't given me any info on anything. I am sorry to hear about your loss. Sounds like you were well taken care of. I have an appointment the 14th of this month also with the new Dr. Best of luck to you and many hugs back!
    kmam05 responded:
    My new OB/GYN is terrific! Normally I don't like to see male drs for my "woman" issues. But he helped us when no one else would. I ended up getting a D&C done 2 months after my miscarriage. That could have been done when it all happened if the place I was going to did something. We are slowly moving on and finally able to grieve like we should have done.
    The Butterflies are free
    livelaughmoe replied to kmam05's response:
    Why did they do a D and C so late? Did you have an infection? I'm so sorry about your loss
    Psalm45 responded:
    My husband and I had the awful experience of suffering 3 miscarriages in a 13 month period. Two happened when I was with a practice that I have since left. The doctor was insensitive when we learned our baby had passed away at 8 weeks (we were about 12 weeks along). She suggested we have a D & C right away, but I said I'd wait a few days so I could sort out my emotions. When my body began to pass what was left of the baby, I was bleeding heavily and in tremendous pain. I called to schedule the surgery and the response was "See? I told you." When we lost another baby earlier this year, I scheduled the surgery right away. When I got the same awful, indifferent "care", I switched doctors. Only then did I learn from my new doctor that a D & C is NOT always needed (in fact, he said, it's best to avoid surgery if possible). I felt like my previous doctors had lied to me, telling me that it was crucial for me to be "cleaned out". In fact, even though our third loss was very sad, I was far more at peace knowing that MY BODY made the decision to release the baby, not a doctor. I am very sorry for what you have gone through. There is not a lot in the world as difficult as losing a pregnancy and then being "punished" for it, either emotionally or psychologically. I wish you the best, whether or not you try again.
    grandma2be replied to Psalm45's response:
    sooo know about its amazing that a dr can come in and tell an 18 yr old.."YOUR BABY IS NOT GOING TO MAKE IT!" with no compassion:(

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