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Still suffering loss
ButterfliesAbove posted:
Hi. My husband and I lost our twin baby girls on April 14th of last year. We did one round of IVF and were lucky enough to get pregnant right away, but not so lucky. They were born at 24 weeks. They were so beautiful!!!!!!! I guess I was wondering if anyone suffers anxiety from the loss you've had? My everyday is a battle to feel okay.
RoseLynn02 responded:
It gets easier as the years go on. It just takes time. My loss was 9yrs ago, I still hurt from time to time but not near as bad as I use to. I'm not sure you ever "heal" 100%, but I don't think I would want to. I'm sorry for everything you have gone through. I wish you the best in moving forward.
daylen responded:
Hello, I lost my baby boy when I delivered him at 23 weeks old.. The pain was just awful what I went through knowing that I was leaving home without him... Its been also two years now and it does get easier but I don't think we will every be 100% ok. I was crying all night last night thinking about him. I think because my kids were not there. They stay with their father every other week. That's when I start thinking about my baby. But sorry for your lost, I know how it feels. ((hugs)) Just be around loved ones and it will be ok.
anukum99 responded:
Hi, I conceived after 12 years of trying. It was like a miracle. & we were always talking about the baby. My doc told me that it was a big baby. I could'nt stop feeling so proud. Unfortunately our happiness did not last long. My uterus ruptured last month, so my doc had to deliver my baby right away. He was born on Jan 18th. He left us on 19th. I am not able to bear the pain. I am not able to sleep at night. I miss him so much. I feel guilty that I was the reason for him not being here with us. He was a perfect baby. He must have felt so safe inside me. & all of a sudden to have been pulled outside. I feel so helpless & desperate. I did not even have the chance to see him or hold him. Oh God, how I long to hold him. I just want my boy back.
Mandy_Smiles responded:
I am so sorry for all of your losses. I had a miscarriage in April of 2010 and I still find myself every single day longing to have the baby that we lost at 13 weeks along. This morning I finally decided to call my doctor to ask again if they knew the gender of our baby. They had told me before that they didn't know but now that more time has passed I found myself wondering if they only told me that because they didn't think it would be "healthy" for me to know. Well, they gave me the same answer today. I agree with the others, time makes it easier but you will never forget your little one. I have had 2 beautiful and healthy baby girls since our miscarriage and I thank GOD every minute of every day for them, but they do not replace the baby that we lost, nor do I want them to. Our first baby was special and is a guardian angel to our family now and I no longer fear death because someday I will be able to join our angel in heaven and hold him or her in my arms. (((HUGS))) to you and the others who posted.

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