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No heartbeat
An_249331 posted:
We found out yesterday that the baby does not have a heartbeat and stopped growing weeks ago. I have had no signs of miscarriage and my body has not started trying to pass the pregnancy. We are in the process of deciding 1) to wait it out and let my body pass it naturally 2) take the medication to induce the miscarriage 3) Have a D&C

Any suggestions?

Also I am still feeling super nauseated, and all food makes me super sick to my stomach. Normal?
iloveDeon responded:
I was just in your situation. I went to an annual check up at 17 weeks, (this past WED) and my baby had no heartbeat, I immediately went to the hospital and found out he had passed, and had been gone for about a week, I had also had an headache that didn't stop for that week, but otherwise no bleeding or any other signs I didnt NOT want to take the chance of getting any infections, so I was induced on Thurs, and he was delivered on Fri, Dec 7, 2012. i think that is the best choice...R.I.P Deon Maurice, Mommy will miss you baby.
An_249331 replied to iloveDeon's response:
I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your baby. Thank you so much for responding. I think I am going to do the D&C. We waited all weekend and my body still has not naturally started miscarrying.
An_249404 replied to An_249331's response:
I had a D&C a month ago. I was a little different - the miscarriage started naturally (unexpectedly) so we went to the hospital. As the bleeding didn't stop after several hours we did the procedure to stop the bleeding. This was at 11 weeks. There was no way I could have passed it all at home so I was glad to have the procedure so I could go home and begin to rest and recover. Good luck with your decision.

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