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Miscarriage at 6w2d
An_254357 posted:
I am a 22 year old woman. I have a son who is almost a year old. When I found out i was pregnant my fiance and i were so excited. I went in for an ultrasound and the baby's heartbeat was 75bpm. The doctors then told me that it was very abnormal for it to be that low and it could very well lead to a miscarriage. I was bummed but didnt really listen and still had a lot of faith. Yesterday I woke up and began spotting, no cramping and the spotting was a dark brown. Now today i am bleeding as if i were on my period. I havent passed any tissue yet but i already know i lost it. i feel so heartbroken and dont understand how i can have a healthy pregnancy once and now lose a baby when i did everything i could to be healthy. I dont even want my fiance to hug me or kiss me. I want the whole world to go away. I dont know how to move on. I want my baby back. :,(. Anyone else experiencing this? Help??
jenica1432 responded:
am not sure if you lsot the baby or not. However i would like to share my experience with my son Austin. I was 4 months pregnant when i started passing clots and bleeding like crazy. I went to the doctor and he told me that he couldnt find the heartbeat and that i lost him. he then sent me for an ultrasound and scheduled a dnc for me the following day. At the ultrasound it took them about 5 min but they found his little heatbeat. he was still there. he made it and was born 8 weeks early. he is now 13 years old. and is completley healthy. dont give up, your baby could still make it. Good luck to you and family i wish you the best

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