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Loss of my baby girl
desiree1018 posted:
My fiance and I have suffered a traumatic loss of our baby girl Mia Isabella. We were so sad and our worlds just crashed. I'm still not really comfortable putting it out there for everyone to see but I think it will help me coupe with it better. It has been pretty hard for me, I see her things and her ultrasound pics and I start crying. My fiance does a really good job at keeping me calm, he knows how to make me laugh. I know that this is hard for him as well but since he's a guy he will never express his feelings in front of me. If it weren't for him I wouldn't know how to deal with this. I was suppose to turn 7 months pregnant when I went in for my regular Dr. appointment, my NP got her instrument to listen to her heartbeat... And nothing... I was worried but tried not to stress out because I know that's bad when you're pregnant. She searched and nothing til finally she said to go to the ER and get checked out. When I went to the hospital they told me she didn't make it and she had stopped growing at 5 months. I was in shock I didn't cry until my fiance got to the room. I feel a little more at peace now because she is in a peaceful place where no bad can hurt her. She is and will always be mommy and daddy's precious little angel. I was 19 yrs old just turned 20 and still have hope that one day we will have another precious angel just like Mia....
jenica1432 responded:
am so sorry for your loss that has to be really hard for you and your husband. i do hope you guys will try again. after my loss i just had to look at it this way, god need an angel and who better than my little jelly bean, i bet it is the same in your case. prayers are sent your way.

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