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Good News from the Doc:)
Starla_94 posted:
had an U/S today with a Real Tech (who knows what shes doing) hehe and I found out I was a bit of office humor last week with the Doc that couldn't find my Uterus! lolol

ANYWAYS.. So all looks reallygood.. my Sac is disolving on its own my numbers are going down really fast now on their own..

I know this sounds sad.. but its my closure..

I lost it at first when the receptionist not knowing what was going on was getting paperwork ready for me to fill out for the "New OB Patient" i was confused at first and realized what she was asking and i said Oh.. she must of detected somethin gin my voice of concern and said i could fill them out next week when i came in for my first "REAL" U/S for the baby and baby apt..

I just started crying .. she felt so bad.. and so did I.. i tried hard not to wasn't her fault!!
anyway i just quietly told her i had m/c'd and probably wouldn't need next weeks apt but was waiting till i found out today what i need to do.

SO anyway.. after the US Tech did her thing the Doc removed my polyup and then explained all to me.. and gave me GREAT news

told me to try whenever i felt emotionally ready.. and said typically within 3 months people are PG again.. he said hes had them in as early as 2 weeks later.. and i said thats ok? and he said its ok as long as your emotionally ready..

So i was VERY happy to hear that.. I got to see my little sac for the last time and in a way like i said my closure to know i didn't flush it down the toliet and kinda my goodbye

So Yes it still hurts but i feel so much more at ease.. THanks to all the prayers and my support circle here and at home I can't wait till i'm posting again on this board with MORE good news and a baby on the way..

Keep praying for happy healthy baby vibes for me

Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
I'm glad you are now able to move forward from this difficult time, Christina. (They really did mess things up for you last week! )

Here's to baby vibes coming your way!
Starla_94 replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thanks Caprice

i will never forget that day both Sad and Humors.. I told the doc unless it fell outo n the way home from work my Uterus is still there.. she said i know and never in my life have i had this much trouble finding it! LOLOL

when i mentioned it to the U/S Tech on Wed.. she said.. Was that you?? No way! and i was like YUP! that was me the woman PG with no Uterus

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