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hcg Levels
Alinha80 posted:
I miscarried on May 15, and have been going to the doctor for blood work every week. My hcg levels are going down, but they are still not back to normal. I stopped bleeding about two weeks ago - shouldn't they be down to "normal" by now? They are still in the 120s. I'm just afraid that if they are not going down, I will have to have a D&C. It's been such a long, tough journey, I'm just ready to start to move on - for closure - and for the weekly reminders to end.
Everything I read indicates that levels should be down to less than five by four weeks after the m/c. Has anyone else experienced slow dropping levels? I was 10 weeks along when the m/c was diagnosed, but the baby only measured at 7wks.
Mandy_Smiles responded:
I am so sorry to hear that your levels are not going down. I did not have a natural miscarriage, I opted for the D&C but I have read on this message board about a pill that can help speed up the process? Has your doctor offered this pill to you as an option? I was 13 weeks along and my doctor advised me to have the D&C because of how far along I was. She said that she was afraid that I would end up needing one in the end anyway so I just went ahead and did it. Has your doctor had any suggestions for what you should do? My heart truly goes out to you, I cannot imagine what you are going through but I can relate to the need to move on and to not have the reminders. We moved to have a 2nd bedroom so unfortunately our apartment is a constant reminder with an empty nursery. I hope and pray that this will end for you soon and you will have the closure that you need. I am so sorry for you loss.
Alinha80 replied to Mandy_Smiles's response:
Thank you. No, my doctor hasn't offered me a pill. She gave me the option of a D&C in the beginning, but I wanted to see if my body would take care of it on it's own. Everything seemed to be progressing as it should, but since my levels aren't down yet, I'm not sure what that means. The nurse said that if they are not down significantly next week, we'll have to consider "other" options, which I assume means a D&C. I guess I'll just have to wait until next week.
I'm sorry for your loss! I hope and pray for the best for you, and for comfort as you go through this. Thanks again.

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