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Miscarried but no menstrual cycle....
An_187269 posted:
I miscarried a little over 8 weeks ago, and my doctor told us to try to wait 3 menstrual cycles before trying again. The thing is.... I still haven't had my first cycle. I've never miscarried before so I'm unsure if 8 weeks is a long time or about normal.

Just wanting some guidance. Thanks.
bbylove21 responded:
im sorry about ur loss ,
i think you should speak to ur doc if you have not yet gotten ur period , or maybe it's just stress , i kno i wanted my period to hurry up and I was a late a week.. but then it came and it has been pretty normal. now were trying to get pregnant again
hope everything's ok
smatusiak responded:
My doctor told me that I should have my first period about 6-8 weeks after the miscarriage. I don't know if you've had a baby yet, but she said it's kind of like after you have a baby - it comes back when it feels like it, everyone is different. I would think you should get it soon though.
Susan (31), DH - Brian (35), DD - Kayla (8/23/08), m/c - 9/8/10
earleyml1012 responded:
I too am currently waiting for my period, so that we can try again. After I had DD, it took over 8 weeks for me to get a period so I'm assuming my body might be the same as after giving birth. However, my doctor did tell me that if I didn't get a period after 6 weeks to call him, that he could give me some medicine to "jump start things." I really want my body to go back to normal on it's own terms so that's what I'm doing right now. I'm on week 7 now and the wait is killing me. Stress could be causing the problem b/c I want to get pregnant again so badly.

Why did your doctor tell you to wait 3 menstrual cycles? My doctor said waiting for one was plenty of time to have your body heal.

Hoping everything works out for you soon!
smatusiak replied to earleyml1012's response:
My doctor also said 2-3 cycles. The reason is to let the lining in the uterus build up again. They also recommend the same amount of time after you go off birth control pills before you try to conceive. Obviously if the lining is thinner, it's more difficult for the baby to stick.
Susan (31), DH - Brian (35), DD - Kayla (8/23/08), m/c - 9/8/10
An_187270 replied to smatusiak's response:
My doctor said wait one to two cycles.

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