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    Can not function since I lost my son. I was 23 weeks pregnant. Help please
    daylen posted:
    Hello, Im 27 years old. My just gave birth and lost my son on the same day. I was only 23 weeks. He last for about 7 hours. I been hurting soo bad since this happened. I wanted to hurt myself the other day, but try not to because I have a 5 year old son. Im trying to say strong for him. But it hurts too much and I cant fight this feeling. I hope someone can talk to me who went through or know someone who went through the same thing Im going through right now.

    Thank you
    gabesmom463 responded:
    hello i just want to say i am sorry for your loss. i to just went through a misscarriage october 21 2010 i lost my son giovanni at 16 weeks i know its hard to cope with the loss i go through everyday thanking god i have my daughter she is 7 and asking him to care for my son i look at it this way i was pregnant with a baby but gave birth to an angel that seems to help me alittle it will take some time to heal after a loss but just love your 5 year old son and your husband. sorry again for your loss
    daylen replied to gabesmom463's response:
    Thank you, Im sorry for your loss also. It has been hard to cope with, but with my family by myside I been doing better.
    risdiane responded:
    I am so sorry. I have had two losses one was ectopic and the other was at 16 weeks. It is excruciatingly painful especially the one at 16 weeeks. I wish I had seen a grief counselor I think it would have helped - I stillregret that to this day. Please call your doctor they can tell you someone to talk to, please do. Its such a hard thing to go through and you need time to grieve. It is even harder I believe because people want you to just be better or be over it, but it is a loss and its okay to be sad, but you need someone to help you through.
    If your doctor doesnt have anyone to suggest call the labor and delivery at the hospital they should be able to refer you to someone.
    Again, I am so sorry, but please do call your doctor and know it does get better, but it takes time.
    daylen replied to risdiane's response:
    Thanks alot. The support groups online really helps. I also have an appointment on Saturday with a counselor. But thanks for your support, and I am also sorry for you losses. Did you try to have another child? I know it would be hard to try again. Im scary but I would put it into GODs hand if I get pregnant again. I do want to get pregnant, I miss that feeling, I guess because I didnt go the full term and didnt bring my baby back.
    FrmGirl responded:
    I know this is late but I am sooo sorry for your loss (((HUGS))). We lost our son, Jude at 23 weeks also, in 2008. I understand the feelings of wanting to do anything to alleviate the pain. I am glad you have a son to be strong for. Having support around you helps.
    The feeling of loss never really goes away. It does diminish to a point, but never away. I describe it as no longer having the ice pick sticking out of my heart but now having a dull ache or pain. I know what it means to have a broken heart now.
    The pain is better now. It isn't gone, but it is better. You will never forget your son, nor should you ever forget him. God will help you get through this. Know also that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Many hugs...
    Hannah(28)DH(26) M/C 2007(blighted ovum) Early delivery 2008 (23wks) Jude: May 21, 2008 - May 31, 2008; Gabriel: (adopted) Feb 2010.

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