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lost a babby and whont a nuther one.
An_187284 posted:
lost 2 babbys for the rong man i was aith and it was hard to .well i was 2 weaks with the first one i lost it in 1992 and whean i notis how i lost it it was streas and it was a bad filling i had .the outher one i lost it in 1993 i was 6month in my prek.i cride for a long time and it heart and i had to pray to the good lord for a good day for me to move and stard over and i did but i dent get prek for eny one i was withe so im 38 years old and im still tring to get preg for the one i love after so long with the uther guys .now in redy to make a baby to stard a famley.its hard and i nead hellp my self to.

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is it posubol i can get preag at 38.
  • can i get perg if im 38 gowing on 39.
  • is it posubol to get perg withe a cyest.
  • is it posubol i kan gre preg withe my peleves down.
  • can i make a baby withe prenat vitemons.
  • how can i get pregn.
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MMK82 responded:
I cannot understand half of what you posted...surely you know how to spell simple words like 'can'...I wish you luck.
Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:
There is no reason to point out member's grammar mistakes on this site. I am sure that you didn't mean to be insulting MMK82, but I do want Anon to know this. We are all going through difficult times of our own on this earth and there is no telling what any one of us has been through. So ((((hugs)))) to you both!

Anon, I think that you should really sit down and speak with a medical professional about all of the questions that you have in order to have a safe, healthy pregnancy for you as well as the baby. I'm sorry for all of the tears that you shed with your past relationship and the loss of your children, but am thankful that you are no longer with this person who treated you so unkind. I wish for you to find happiness and healthiness in the near future. Please seek your doctor's advice and keep us posted on how you are doing. Take care.
Best Wishes! Amelia
MMK82 replied to Amelia_WebMD_Staff's response:
You are right, Amelia. I did not mean to be insulting, if it was taken that way. I am assuming she was typing that way intentionally and isn't illiterate. I find it insulting to the rest of the community because we are all here to offer advice and encouragement, and trying to wade through a post like that makes it nearly impossible to do so.

My apologies if my reply was offensive.
KonaMommy responded:
I am so sorry for your losses. I hope that you will have a more successful pregnancy now that you are with the one you love. Although this board is not that active, I would hope that everyone could be sensitive and supportive. I think it takes courage to reach out and seek help from others and was shocked that anyone would provide grammatical criticism. There are a whole host of reasons that someone might have difficulty with writing: learning disorders, English is not their first language, or they are not skilled at typing (I am all too familiar with this one from attempting to exchange emails with my mother ). Let's be more sensitive.
teacherbeck responded:
(((hugs))) I am so sorry for your losses. I lost a baby in my 5th month and it was a terrible terrible time for me. I did go on to have a successful pregnancy after that one, praise God.
I agree with Amelia... please try to talk to a doctor about your concerns. There is so much they can do to help.
MMK82 replied to teacherbeck's response:
To the original poster, and anyone else who may have read my first response:

I want to apologize again for my insensitive remarks concerning her grammar and spelling. I feel like such a jerk! As KonaMommy pointed out, it is quite possible that English may not be the original poster's first language, and that is something I hadn't considered when first replying. I visit and post on a few different boards, and I see a ton of intentional misspelling and horrible grammar, which tends to be people using 'text speak'. As I mentioned above, I personally find it insulting when it is done intentionally, as it makes it that much more difficult for the reader to get through and offer sound advice/support. I am not trying to make any excuses for my lack in sensitivity; just trying to explain where it came from.
Agave13 replied to MMK82's response:
I kind of thought the same at first. It's easy to do. considering there are people that write on walls, just to write and sometimes doing so to be hurtful in some way. It's especially easy to become insensitive or quick to ask when you've seen it before This is a friendly site and people usually sincere.
I say forgiven. I also want to wish the best wishes to you and the original poster.
Amelia_WebMD_Staff replied to MMK82's response:
Yes, I agree with Agave13, and most definitely everyone who took MMK82's first comment as an attack should ignore that misled feeling of the post entirely! It is extremely hard to 100% feel a tone through writing and as MMK82 explained, (Please correct me if I'm wrong MMK:)) each community is different and some have more "troublemakers" than others. When you have experienced the other disruptive and/or harsh "tones" of various communities and just want to have an honest discussion, it can be more than frustrating to top off your day.

We are all human and I just appreciate the members of this community for being so patient, understanding, respectful and by each others' sides. ((((((hugs)))))) to all! and I hope that it has been a better week for everyone!

Thank you MMK82 for your apologies and kind words! I'm sure you are a lovely person and I wish you the best.
Best Wishes! Amelia
babylld replied to MMK82's response:
yes i can spell i dent see that in what i i wish u.luck.
babylld replied to Amelia_WebMD_Staff's response:
thank u. for you weards u sead and im gowing to a dr. to have a infreto don on me do you think i shud do it are dr told me i have thyroid and they wont to move it out and hope i can have a baby one day im gowing to the dr in april.
babylld replied to MMK82's response:
will take your apologies.ok love and thanks to you
babylld replied to KonaMommy's response:
tahnk you for that .
babylld replied to teacherbeck's response:
put god firest and the onley one i put in my life as for my man in my life and family to .
An_187285 responded:
No, I agree with MMK82's first response, this grammar is absolutely ridiculous!!!!! Go back to school honey, seriously

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