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Mother's Day
KDM31 posted:
Happy Mother's Day to all of you ladies.

I am so sorry that you are all having to face this day without your little baby or Babies.

Everywhere I turn everyone is wishing mothers everywhere a happy mothers day. People are over joyed with their happy little families. and I ache for the loss of mine.

How was I to know my emotions would get the best of me on this day. Today I tried to occupy my time with family. I tried to celebrate their joy of having their families but I couldn't take it anymore. I came home to an empty house and looked through our babies pictures and their clothes and cried myself to sleep. At times I feel normal and look forward to our future and then sometimes I have days like today, when my heart aches so intently that I don't think I can face the day.
Every day I get dressed and try to put a smile on my face and go on as if I didn't just have my hopes and dreams shattered a little over three months ago. I try to smile and act happy when people come into my store with ultrasound pictures and show them off. I smile when pregnant women come in to be fitted for a dress and complain about gaining a little weight. And yes when I get the dreadful question from my customers, are you and your husband going to try to have babies, I simply smile and say someday. If I actually say I have three babies they ask how old and then I have to say they didn't make it. This is not a story I care to share with my customers but at the same time I don't want to act like I didn't have my babies. I feel by denying themit is like letting them down, silly I know but I don't know what else to do or say.
My heart goes out to you all. I hope you all can one day soon have the families you long for.
smithc27 responded:
I too found Mother's Day to be difficult. We lost our little one 3/2/11 at 8wks. Did well yesterday until DH and I went to church and they did a Blessing for Mother's; I wished so badly to be standing up there with them. Even though it has been a full two months, I still have days where the emotions overwhelm me, and it is hard to explain them to people who have never been through a preg loss. My heart aches for everyone who has suffered through a m/c. But I also have faith that when it is meant to be, it will happen, and hopefully it will be sooner rather than later!

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