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Mother's Day
na1instructor posted:
Yesterday was difficult for me as well, not only was it the first Mother's Day I had after the loss of my baby at 8 weeks but it was exactly 30 days after. I miscarried on April 8th. I still struggle with periods of crying, and then trying to reason why this baby didn't happen for me.
Beckyw86 responded:
I know how ya feel i lost my oldest son he was a stillborn its been 3 years ago and i still have a hard time on mother's day even though i have another son its still sad i went to my son's grave on mother's day i went by myself and i just sit there for about an hour and just cried. But after i got it all out i felt better then i went home and had a good time with my other son. It gets easier every year to cope with.
sasheppard74 responded:
I miscarried on Mother's Day. So this is very fresh for me. I lost a baby in 2006 also. I was only 8 weeks along, but we found out that we were expecting when I was 2 weeks along. We only had 6 weeks to get used to the idea, but we were so excited about the baby. The doctor said it was due to "blighted ovum" and there was nothing anyone could have done to prevent the loss. Nothing anyone says or does makes this any easier or less painful for me. It has only been 3 days and I still so devastated by this. Wondering if I will ever be ok. I have 3 healthy children and I know I should be focused on them, but I just can't see past my on grief yet. I feel like a horrible parent at the moment, but I just can't seem to deal with anything right now. i honestly do not know how I am going to get thru this.

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