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Bleeding for 2 weeks
momkr posted:
I started to miscarry on May 2nd and have been through Hell ever since. My hormone levels are not going down & I just had a biopsy to see if the pregnancy was ectopic. Hopefully I will find out in the next day or two... but what concerns me is that I am still bleeding...

If the pregnancy was in the uterus, I have the option of the D&C or the methatrexate shot. While I don't want to be in the hospital, the idea of the shot scares me... I have heard that there is a chance of birth defects in your next baby if you get pregnant too soon. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks so much...
nathannikismama responded:
sorry to hear about your miscarriage, i had a misscarriage on apr.26th and just barely quit bleeding last week, i was able to pass it all on my own but bled for the longest time and cramped servely with it, i have 2 kids but have had a total of 12 pregancies one ending in still born and 2 in live births all the others have been miscarriages, hang in there take it easy dont do to much lifteing or stressing and wait a few cycles before trying to get pregant again!
momkr replied to nathannikismama's response:
God Bless you! It takes a strong woman to go through all of that. I am actually waiting on the biopsy results today to find out if it was ever in my uterus or ectopic. It is hard enough to miscarry, but the blood tests & biopsies & everything else is the worst. I can't wait to have my body back! Thanks for the advice

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