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I lost my baby
An_187303 posted:
I lost my baby last Saturday (11-weekes) and it has been a difficult time to cope for me! I just don't understand what happened and I cannot sleep trying to figure out what was wrong with me or what cause the miscarriage. The doctors dont give a direct answer, they just say things I don't comprehend! I am exhausted and very sad and I cannot stop picturing the whole episode over and over and over in my head!

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Lysana responded:
(((hugs))) I am so sorry for your loss.

Usually, there is no "explanation" for an early loss, particularly if it is your first. While there has to have been an underlying cause, there is usually no way to know without genetic testing being done on the baby - and even then, there won't always be an answer. It wasn't anything you did, though. (((hugs))) I think we always feel that way, but please be comforted knowing that you didn't do anything to cause your loss.

My recent loss was also at 11 weeks, and there was no apparent reason (nor was there any testing done). Just - one day the baby was growing and his/her heart was beating, the next day - it wasn't.

What have the doctors told you?

As for whether to try again, that is absolutely a personal decision for you. If you feel ready, and your doctors haven't made you aware of any conditions that would mean you shouldn't, then there is no harm in trying again. However, if you are not emotionally ready, there is no reason you shouldn't wait until you DO feel ready. We chose to try again right away, but that is not the right choice for everyone.

Lots of (((hugs))) and prayers for healing and peace.
cclingen responded:
I lost my baby at 6 or 7 weeks. the doctors dont know why i m/c and have told me it wasnt my fault or anything i did. ask your drs to put the explanation in terms u can understand. i asked lots of questions but i still lost my baby and had to have a D&C yesterday. I have made the decision to try again as soon as possible because i have waited 9 years for a baby. I don't want to wait anymore. But that is a personal decision between you and your partner. when u feel ready to try again go for it. as for the sadness and confusion i am going through that now. i will pray for you......

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