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early miscarriage plz help!!
fox_rider133 posted:
hi i really need some help and encourgement i have been ttc on and off for a year now. so i thought there was a chance i was pg but i have been waiting on my period. i went on a walk this morning with a friend and came back and noticed aunt flo came but there some little clots that i passed off as normal. then i went back and had some more and really bad cramping then started. i took a nap then woke up to clots and alot of tissue like stuff on my pad it was off whitish (tmi sry) and kinda big (bigger than a quarter) and heavy. was this an early mc? if so what do i do now? and how do i deal with it im about to be home alone all night and i cant stop crying
oopyult responded:
I had a early mc a month ago. First Im very sorry for the pain you are feeling. Second you should contact your doctor and get a blood test done. Moe than likely you are having a early mc. You need to deal with it your way. Talk to your husband. Dont hold back your feelings and let him know how you are feeling. I will pray for you and keep you in my thoughts. You will be able to pull through this but it will take some time. Jessica
fox_rider133 replied to oopyult's response:
thanks and i have talked to my ob. but i cant afford a hpt to see or to drive there right now until we get paid on the first. she said if it is a mc the test will be positive. but said this could be a really weird period and different clotting since i took a test this past weekend and was negative. i dont know who to believe the professional or my gut instinct. im trying to not let this get me down and i want to still ttc. and i am so sry about ur mc, i now know what other people feel like also esp when you really want a child
cclingen replied to fox_rider133's response:
u do know that the ER can not refuse to see u because of an inability to pay or no insurance right?? talking to your partner will be a big help i know mine is a big help though i think he might be scared of trying again but i will pray for u and i hope things get better......

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