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my never-ending miscarriage
jjwl100 posted:
Sorry this is a pretty long entry but I guess I needed to vent:
I started bleeding when I was ten weeks pregnant, the Thursday before memorial weekend. I was scheduled with a new Dr. that I hadn't seen yet for my first OB appointment, and when I called the office to tell them I was bleeding, the medical assistant blew me off and told me that the bleeding was probably just from sex and to call back Tuesday if I was still bleeding. I told her that considering that there was a long holiday weekend coming up and that my husband was supposed to be going out of town for work, I was going to go to the ER if they weren't going to see me. She advised against going to the hospital because she said I'd wait around for 6 hours for them to tell me the same thing that she just did.
So Friday I took it easy all day and the bleeding didn't let up. I started having cramping also and my husband insisted that I go to the emergency room. At the ER I had a pelvic exam, an ultrasound and labwork. The diagnosis the Dr gave us was a probable miscarriage.
Saturday was the worst day. I went through a period of a few hours where I was passing tons of blood and huge (grapefruit-sized) clots. It slowed down, but I still had moderate bleeding and cramping for a few days.
I called my Drs. office tuesday to tell them what happened over the weekend and that the ER advised me to follow up with them. The assistant blew me off again and told me she'd call me the next day, but then didn't because she didn't work that day. I called and complained and was scheduled with a different Dr in the practice who had a different medical assistant. They have been pretty good so far, but I haven't had an exam since the emergency room. Also, I was told that I could bleed up to 2 weeks, but I'm still bleeding and its been almost 5 weeks. They have had me getting labwork every couple of weeks, and say that unfortunately for me it just seems to be taking longer than it takes most women's bodies to complete the miscarriage. The past few days I've been having shooting vaginal pains that make it hard to even stand up.
I feel like this is going to go on forever. I am so broken hearted over this, and it wasn't planned so my husband is on the fence about trying again... we already have two kids and we both are afraid of going through this hell ever again. But I can't even begin to move on with my life or figure out what we should do while I am still miscarrying (I say I because although my husband was sad and ver supportive, he seems to be over it and doesn't seem to feel the loss that I do). My mom thinks that I should have had a D&C a long time ago. I am trying to have faith in my Dr. who says it's best to let it happen naturally. I've tried calling a couple of other Dr.s offices to try and get a second opinion, but no one will help me. I am hoping that someone out there has had a similar experience and can offer some advice:)
Brubee responded:
Hello jjwl, Im Brit and i want to say that im very sorry for your loss. It sucks! I havent experinced what you have been through but I have some advice. I think that you need to demand that your Doctor do a full exam, I understand that the bleeding can go on for awhile but over a month is suspect. Also the shooting vaginal pain is a concern as well, it may be a sign of infection. it is rediculous that the doctors office is treating you so poorly im so sorry. About your husband, Im sure he is still upset about it, men just greive differently than women. He wants to fix this for you and he cant. thats hurting him im sure. And as far as trying again,, Dont think about that right know, you need to greive and heal from this pregnancy first. After my loss it took a full year before I could even think about trying again. Good Luck and I hope this all gets resolved quickly for you. ~B~
Me~28 DH~31 DD~2.5 ~!~2/2/2010 11weeks
jjwl100 replied to Brubee's response:
Thank you very much. Last night after I posted this I was caught offgaurd because I passed a couple pretty large clots and I haven't had any clotting in weeks. So I did call my Dr's office this morning and they are going to do an ultrasound the day after tomorrow. Took long enough, but at least they are helping me now. Thank you for your advice. My Dr moved about a year ago and when I found out I was pregnant I had to scramble to find a new one, and it has been a total pain ever since. As Im sure you know it's a very lonely feeling and even more so with Dr problems. well now that they are looking into this Im optimistic that it will be over soon:)

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