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Miscarraige at 21 weeks:(
An_187309 posted:
I am 20 years old. I had my ultrasound at 20 weeks and found out I was having a baby girl. I had a name picked out....Ryleigh Noelle. I miscarried in week 21. I think I am taking things fairly well. Sometimes I find myself crying and don't know why. The father didn't even know I was pregnant bc I had just found out on week 20 that I was pregnant...I had no symptoms or weight gain just cramps. Since that father does not know I am dealing with this greif alone which is very hard...just trying to get myself back to normal.
bummedoutmama responded:
While I understand you not telling the father, it may be helpful and bring you closer together if he is aware of the situation, otherwise I think you may have a hard time trully coping and grieving the loss. I only knew I was pregnant for 1 week when I lost my baby as well 2 weeks ago and similar to you my husband didn't know we lost the baby until the day after as he works out of town. I was confirmed pregnant at a clinic one day and within literally 4 days I began bleeding and cramping painfully (i had been cramping for a few days but figured I was just in the implanting stage) I went to the ER where they determined I was losing the baby who was maybe only 1 week old at most. I made the choice to not call my husband that night at the ER because I knew he would have guilt and think he needed to rescue me. I told him the next morning and he did take it extremely hard as well even though we only knew for a few days. Its incredible how quickly we fall in love with the life inside us.

I know this is a lot, I felt the need to tell you because I lost my baby 2 weeks ago and while somedays I feel ok with it and know it happened for a reason that I could not prevent, other days I find myself pulling back from everyone including my husband. I know you will do whats right for you, but having someone to grieve with may be what you need.

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