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    andi0930 posted:
    I miscarried on 7/18 at 8 wks and am 45 yrs old. A week later,my husband had a seizure while driving and wrecked up his car. (Thankfully he is okay) Driving is out for him. It has just been just too much in too small a space of time. All I want to do is sleep. I know one heals but this just hurts soo much
    vybe77 responded:

    I am so sorry that you are going through this tough time right now..I know that losing a pregnancy leaves you feeling hollow and wondering what could of have the added stress of your husband's health problems and car accident I agree must be making things over the top..
    Take some time for yourself to grieve but also to rest and try to find your center again..
    I also miscarried recently (last week) and although I was only 6 weeks along it has left me feeling a little lost..every sunday I think "today I would of been this far along" but I also know that with time I will heal..
    Surround yourself with friends and family that can be supportive of your physical and emotional needs as well..take the time that you need to get through this..every woman is different and needs their own amount of time..
    Lastly we are all her for you if you need to talk or cry or vent or whatever you may need..all you have to do is write and we will answer..
    (((HUGS))) again and good luck..plz keep us posted
    andi0930 replied to vybe77's response:
    Thank you for your kind reply. I am sorry for your loss. I know that is is devastiing. Somebody likened miscarriage to being drafted into a club that you never wanted to join. Right now, work is the worst place. I work 12 hr night shifts at a small hospital with too much time on my hands. I just feel so tired. In September, I am having ankle replacement surgery and looking forward to it because I will have a significant period of time off.

    I noticed that miscarriages aren't really talked about. Some say they are sorry, others say nothing. It feels like a taboo outside of something like this. Thank God for kind souls like you. I wish you healing too.
    Anon_236116 replied to andi0930's response:
    hope your husbands doing better , and i hope the pain eases soon . our babies are in heaven looking down on us . i read somewhere that if babies let themselves go early in a pregnancy , that means that they knew something wasnt right . but its not your fault . God just called them home way too soon .
    vybe77 replied to andi0930's response:
    Hi andie..
    I hope today finds you in a better place emotionally and physically..
    I am doing I posted to another member who recently miscarried also, I chose not to stay home and dwell on this bas time in my life and I know it sounds heartless but the 1st day it happened I literally spent all day crying over it so I pushed myself to go in to work that night (I work the night shift too) and pushed myself to laugh and try not to get too down about it..I have a great support system so that has helped me also and I still have some days (mostly on sundays) where I think about it..sundays because that was the turning point of the week so every sunday I think "today I would of been this many weeks" I just choose to accept that this LO was meant for Heaven and there really is nothing I could of done or do now that can change I grieve when I need to but I dont let this incident define my days and life must go on and it is much better to look at it positively..
    I understand the being drafted into a club that you never want to be a part sucks but here we are..
    I know the nights can be long when you work the over night shifts and that that is the time when your thoughts can really run away on you but do try and think positively..I know that that can sound very hard to do right now but being negative can really get to a person sometimes and then things can start to look bad in other places and we dont want that..your LO will always be a part of you and your mate but needed to go where he is now and there is a reason for that..sometimes its a reason we'll never know about and we must move ahead with our lives anyhow..there is always a reason and you were blessed with knowing him for the short period of time that you did..
    Lastly I am glad to know you and have someone to share this time in my life with and will be here for you if you need to talk again..til then think positive and try to smile each day it will brighten up your days..

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