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restinparadise /:
Anon_236116 posted:
im 17 , just found out i was pregnant and a couple days later i miscarried. ive been crying ever since and i have no one to talk to . i feel like im completely alone . ): i dont know what to do . and im scared ):
bouha responded:
I am sorry. I share your pain. Just take it one day at a time.
Anon_236116 replied to bouha's response:
Its just hurts and both me and my boyfriend thinks its our fault . I just dont know what to do ):
andi0930 responded:
Dear Anon,

I am sorry for your loss but know this: IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT!!! I am 45 and just lost my first pregnancy and it doesn't hurt any less at my age. Crying is normal, you have lost something precious. Grieve your loss, it's okay. I am still stumbling myself. I am so tired like there isn't enough sleep. I also know what an isolating experience this can be, it isn't something very open. I hope you find someone to confide in. God Bless You!!!
Anon_236116 replied to andi0930's response:
ive been sleeping over 12 hours , and still wake up feeling exhausted . im scared that this will happen in the future when im ready for a baby . i would never even think about abortion if i couldnt take care of the baby , i'd give the miracle of a baby to who deserves one but cant have one on their own . all i can think is why me , why us , and why did that baby leave. i know it , whether boy or girl , is in heaven with God looking down on me , but i wish it was still here . none of my friends have gone through this , so i feel especially alone . im so sorry for your loss though . no one deserves this hurt . but thank you so much for responding. i dont feel so alone .

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