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miscariage and pregnancy test??
DKnape posted:
if i had a miscarriage... and the baby is still in my tummy, if i took a pregnancy test. like a home one, would it say positive or negative?
mlk240 responded:
I am so sorry if you are experiencing a miscarriage. To answer your question, it depends on your hormone levels. With my last miscarriage, my initial hcg was 547, and 2 days later it had dropped to 238. It took 6 weeks for my hcg levels to go below 25, and that was after the bleeding had ended. All of those weeks, I would have tested positive for pregnancy with a home test. What matters is your hcg level in getting a positive home test result. They don't test for viability of the pregnancy. I hope that helps to answer your question.

DKnape replied to mlk240's response:

Well i have gone to the doctor when i had them confirm the pregnancy august 10th. then the 17th i had an ultrasound done by a clinic. that lady said i was about 5 weeks and 3 days. that was the 17th. i wasnt able to get into my OBGYN until sept 14th. and i was " supposed to be" about 10 weeks. the doctor said the baby was 6 weeks and 4 days. then i just thought for a minute... he went to try to figure out he conception date and he came back in to tell me it was August 15th. at that point to told him that wasnt adding up to how far the first ultrasound said i was. He said that clinic i went to isnt always right because some of the technicians are still in training. But then again he said we didnt get a heartbeat but it could be early cause the baby size was only 6 weeks. so he said the pregnancy could be bad and it could be a miscarriage. if it was a miscarriage i should have passed it by now or had cramping or bleeding or something cause if it only grew to 6 weeks, that would have been 4 weeks that it hadnt grew........ so he said to come back in a week. i go tomorrow to confirm its still alive or its dead and to figure out what to do. but whats the chances of it being dead and me not passing it for over a month and no signs or cramps or bleeding or being sick if my body tried to absorb it or nothing. i havent felt anything wrong... i just have been worrying ever since last week the doctor said it must be bad then.......

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