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why am i crying or getting teary so much and so easily?? (some other stuff too)
treecreeper posted:
have been taking fertilaid for the past few weeks and i have been getting so teary over every little things...things that don't make sense to cry over...and then of course crying Really hard over things that do make some sense

could the fertilaid cause this to happen?

my cycle wasn't regular before taking fertilaid but i was getting it from anywhere between 35-42 days and having my actual period/menses for only 4-6 days

my last period...or what i thought was my period...started with spotting for about a week before july 3rd when it started to be a more normal flow..which also last about a week and then a few days of spotting...WAY longer than normal....i think i started the fertilaid a little after this 'period' started..........could the fertilaid have caused it to be so abnormal?

i also have a couple random mystery bruises and i read that iron deficiency is common in early pregnancy...which could explain the bruises and how soo very tired i have been...been needing to take a nap almost everyday i get a chance....but pregnancy could also explain those things...hmmmmm

im going to get a blood pregnancy test asap....iv been trying for little over 2 years now for #1....this is the first time i have actually felt tired or gotten so teary or actually crying over things so easily and so often....but...maybe i am just getting depressed and have all this stress that could be causing these things...i always try to think of reasons why im not pregnant...the disappointment is pretty harsh every month ...

thanks for your time reading and any responses!
treecreeper responded:
suggestions?? anyone?....please?.....
mrslee97658 replied to treecreeper's response:
Being so emotional could just be a reaction to the drugs you are taking since there are hormones in them to help you ovulate. If you miss your period from when you are expecting it I would take a pregnancy test using first morning urine. GL and HTH
treecreeper replied to mrslee97658's response:
well...the herbal supplements i am taking do not have actual hormones in has vitex/chasteberry in it though which promotes the production of progesterone and/or estrogen....but it doesn't actually contain hormones....................buti was still thinking the same thing you said...that it could be caused by the supplements

i don't trust hpt....iv been pregnant before and havenever once gotten a positive with one of those things....but if i miss another period then i will go and get a blood test done at the doctor's office

thanks for your response

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