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Could it really be happening now?
lisa19861986 posted:
Hi, my name is Lisa and for the past few years I had been trying to have a baby with my husband now ex-husband, we were never able to concieve which is now a good thing but while trying to concieve I was 9 days late one time in my entire history of having my period, well we have been split for a while and since then I have found a new man who I have been with for a while and we are very much in love, anyway we weren't trying to get pregnant but not trying not to either, we decided in the begining that whatever happened happened and we were both fine with it either way, well today I am 9 days late, have felt so bloated I almost feel like I can barely even fit any liquis in me lol, also have been running to the bathroom like every 5-10 minutes, eating like crazy and not really gaining any weight from it. My breast are so sore the only way to describe it is if something touches them its like raking your nails across a sunburn, I am so scared to be pregnant because I have had a miscarriage years ago when I was younger so I am so scared about doing something to jinx it if I am pregnant and I also have what my mom calls normal fears, fears of being a bad mom, she says she thinks im pregnant because everytime i thought i was with my ex i was excited and now this time i am so scared i havent even taken a test yet, so i am looking for opinions on if you think i could be or not, my guy is trying to get me to test today but i am so worried too lol...i wanna be a mom but at the same time am too scared to test because im afraid to be a mom help lol...
Babygr123 responded:
Test, test, test It can be a scary but wonderful thing! If you are 9 days late you should have a very accurate test. It sounds as tho it is certainly a possibility. Keep us posted.
reb_hun responded:
if you have the test at home and you are ready for it or are late for your period you should then in the morning take the test; don't worry about it you're going to be a great mother!! it helps to use the first morning urine because of the hcg levels. i was scared when i was pregnant with my daughter, it took me a while to take the test and when i did i was happy. she is now a happy and healthy 14 months old. good luck you can do it!!

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